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Getting into the business side for me was a no brainier. I was looking for ways to help me attain some health goals of mine and also to be financially free. When some one introduced Young Living to me I knew right away that was exactly what I was looking for. As I began my journey with Young Living, I quickly realized what an awesome opportunity I had. The business is set up in such a way that in order for you to grow, other people get blessed financially along the way. Do you or someone you know have ever said," I just can't afford that right now" or "I live paycheck to paycheck" or something to that effect? The other thing to consider is, it only takes one or two major things to happen in your life to break you financially. People who have cancer often times cannot work. Before you know it, the collectors are calling you non stop. That is no way for a cancer patient to live. They don't need the stress. Young Living offers residual income. Residual income keeps bringing you a paycheck even if you are unable to work anymore. Young Living is a great opportunity for you and those people in your life. My whole mindset is, how can I help those I love be free from the burden of debt and living paycheck to paycheck? It's not just about financially success though. It's also away to show those we love how to live a healthier lifestyle by having a toxic free home. We show people how to stay above the wellness with our oils and supplements. There is so much we can gain from Young Living.