What's the Craze with Young Living Essential Oils

Be INFORMED and get the video, Basics of Essential oils, eamiled right to you!

Young Living essential oils are different than the oils you buy in the store. In the video Basics of Essential Oils you will gain a general understanding on how and why you will want to use Young Living Essential Oils. So many people are using them everyday. The video, Basics of Essential Oils will help you to make an informed decision if they will be right for you and YOUR family

They have INCREDIBLE effects on the human body!

I use them ALL over my home:

  • To get rid of chemicals cleaning supplies
  • Calm my kids down
  • For emotions 
  • For muscle support
  • Immune support
  • Young Living offers a safe and beautiful mineral makeup I just love
  • And so much more!

I was poisoning my family with a lot of things that I thought were safe.

Essential Oils and the products made by Young Living are made of safe plant based materials with no yuck! If you flip the bottle over and can't pronounce what's on the label, you really shouldn't be slathering it on your scalp, or putting it on your skin, eating it or washing your dishes with it. Did you know some of the most common poison in the family home is found in the laundry room? Even air fresheners, plugin and candles can have a harmful effect on your health.

Check out this video so you become educated on why so many people are turning to Young Living Essential Oils!